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Hopi Ear Candling & Indian Head Massage

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Hopi Ear Candling

What is Hopi Ear Candling?

Also known as ‘Thermo-Auricular Therapy', it is a safe, pleasant and relaxing therapy to ease away the stresses of our Western culture. A candle is lit and placed inside the ear, the non-burning end is inside the ear passage. As the candle burns, it creates a light suction action which in turn gently massages the eardrum, drawing out secretions and blockages. When both ears have been treated, the client will be asked to lie on their back while they receive a lymphatic neck and ear massage.

At the end of the treatment the client can see the contents that have been cleaned out of their ear, this also allows the practitioner to decide how many future treatments the client should have.

The Hopi Ear Candles used in my Thermo Auricular Therapy are called Biosun candles. They are specially designed – with safety features – for this type of therapy. Biosun candles are made from linen, pure beeswax, honey extract, traditional herbs such as St John’s Wort, Chamomile and Sage and essential oils.

Hopi Ear Candling costs £40 per treatment.

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Thermo-Auricular Therapy may benefit:

Treatment may NOT be advised if you had:
• Recent perforation of eardrum
• Allergy reaction from listed ingredients
• Recent ear surgery
• Oil has been in the last 24 hours
• Recent ear infection or inflammation
• Grommets are in place.

Treatment can last about 40 minutes for £40.

Useful information on Hopi, do click here:

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“Hopi Ear Candling done one day before flight to Portugal, was a great help to relieve the ear pressure after years of suffering so much pain when flying. Excellent.” – Purley, South London (guestbook)

"I had a Hopi ear candling treatment because I felt my ears blocked and my hearing has worsened due to old age. Afterwards I felt amazed and relaxed. I kept turning TV volume down as it is rather loud! My hearing has improved!! Thank you." - West Wickham (guestbook)

"Hopi Ear Candling has helped to recover from my bad cold and clear sinus quickly. Fantastic!"

"Many thanks Claire for that brill hopi, I still can't believe that you got out all that gundge!! I must come up for another treatment soon.
Amanda" (guestbook)

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a simple yet effective therapy which is a fully clothed and seated massage, focusing on the upper part of the body without the use of oils. Claire does not use oil on clients but clients can request oil before treatment.

Indian Head Massage uses and adapts classic Swedish massage techniques on the
* scalp
* face
* neck
* shoulders
* upper arms

The massage can be performed almost anywhere because of its portable nature. All we need is a comfortable chair, a small quiet place and little time for you to unwind and relax.

Indian Head Massage costs £25 per treatment.

Combined treatment of Indian Head Massage and Contact Page costs £50, in TN9 1XD. Special Offer. Please For a Map Click Here to enquire.

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